Mike Akida

Mike Akida

Mike Akida

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Born in Athens-Greece, and originating Crete island. Mike started dj’ing in 1990 playing Rock/ Alternative Music, then shifted his Dj sets to Electronic Music in 1992-93 and into pure Psychedelic Trance in 1994-95.

Through the years, he developed his Chill Out Music style in Dj sets around the world, influenced heavily by indian and physical instruments world music. Now he performs only chill out Dj sets, mainly in festivals in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Mike has also been working in the Music and Advertising industry since 1994 as Organizer & Promoter. Running his own companies, organizing concerts, artists tours, festivals & parties/events. Now, as AKIDA PROMO, he is heavily involved with the production & promotion of many international music & culture festivals and as AKIDA BOOKINGS with artists tours & bookings worldwide.

His biggest International Dance Festival organization up till now, the Hellenic SAMOTHRAKI DANCE FESTIVAL, happened at Samothraki Island / Greece, 2001-2002-2003 and attracted more than 35.000 people in total.

Also organizer of Sola Luna Festival, Summer Love Festival, Eco music Festival and the latest FREE EARTH FESTIVAL, happening with great success!

Highlight Past Bookings include Free Earth Festival (Greece), PLUR Festival (Greece), Transahara Festival (Morocco), Legalize Festival (Greece), Transylvania Calling Festival (Romania), Tribes Gathering (Belgium), Tree Of Life Festival (Turkey), Lost Theory Festival (Croatia), Aurora Festival (Greece), Vortex Festival (South Africa), Ruigoord Solstice Festival (Netherlands), Sol Festival (Spain) and many others.