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Back to Nature Festival |

Tmx Mind (Dj Tihulu) met Psychedelic Trance in 2006. He started getting into Psy-Trance culture by designing and making decorations then turned a hand to music in 2007. Shortly afterward, he created a team called Mind Manifest Project with whom he already organized many club parties and open-air festivals in various places in Turkey in favor of Psychedelic Culture’s progression in the country.

The team proved that Mind Manifest Project was the most active group in the Psy-Trance community in Turkey due to its many open-air festival’s organizations as :

  • Transparent Dimension, 2008
  • The Circle of Positive Feedback, 2008
  • Back to Nature, 2009
  • Elemental Evolution, 2009

and various other organizations as 10 festivals, 5 open-air parties, and more than 200 club and boat parties which took place all around Turkey till 2011 ( Istanbul, Izmir, Eskişehir, Ankara, Aydın, Denizli ). Moreover, the team worked on mutual events with Psyleb team in Lebanon. Mind Manifest Project is an active group keeping itself updated on its Dj’s and decoration team and showing the best of the psychedelic culture.

Tmx Mind (Dj Tihulu) improved himself by his performances and music, and had the opportunity to work with the world’s best producers. He also brought many worldwide famous artists to Turkey as: – U-recken, Whiptonique, Xpirall, Sychotria, Bilisargon Demagorgon, Yudishitra, Parahalu, Paramatma, Phobos Azazel, Samadhi, Kalilaskov, Ephedrix, Psymatrix, Dust, Foam, Assoult Junkies, Nitro, Basic, Atma, Talpa, Talamasca, Durty Safi, Ethnogenic, Yahel, Trippy Trail, Digicult, Atomic Pulse, Echoteck. He also brought many Dj’s from Lebanon, Iran, Morocco, Jordan and from several places in Europe; he even supported new-beginners Dj’s in Turkey by giving them the opportunity to perform and improve themselves.

Nowadays, he caries on his work with U-recken by organizing a festival called Tree Of Life which hosts more than 100 Dj’s and producers coming from all around the world.

His success is reflected by his talent and hard work in Dj performing, producing and projects. His dream is to dedicate his entire time to music and share this inner melody and passion with the whole world.