awareness area

A place to Listen, Learn and Enjoy!

Teachers, Science Representatives and Story Tellers. Our aim to spread awareness on various topics. Workshops, Lectures, Debates, Presentations and Cinema will be presented on our new Area!

During the day our prorgame will consist of unique workshops & lectures and during the night people will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the extraordinary movies from the cinema program offered by Tripoteca – International Alternative Movie Festival.

Awareness Area represents a part of the Greater Healing Area Project, which will be expanding every year, starting form 2019.

Participating Healers, Workshops for this year are: (Free Workshops & Lectures)

Daia Zivanovic • Herbal medicine
Vassiliki Alditop • Thai massage
Alexandros Giailoglou • Seed Therapy
Emma Connelly • Alchemy of sound
Lisa li • Breath ceremony
Konstantinos Georgiou • Gong Bath
Lora khana • Magic and Psychedelics
Jeremy Fraj • Overtone
Stella Tsaknaki • Buddhist meditation
Mike Akida • Codex Alimentarious


FREE EARTH CINEMA (Every night by the beach)


Adistu • Tripoteca International Psychedelic Film & Art Festival


For the first time at Free Earth, Tripoteca – the only International Psychedelic Film & Art Festival – will bend your mind and grow your soul with a dish of the world’s finest and most diverse psychdelic short films & music videos.

Since 2012, Tripoteca has brought mind-bending films, live performances and art in cinemas, galleries and out-door festivals across the globe, from Boom to Burning Man.

There will be a three nights marathon of films from the current edition with a topping of best-ofs from past editions, all divided into sessions of ”Meta-Fun” and ”Introspective Journey” shorts. Join us, at Free Earth Cinema by the beach!

The current edition line-up can be found at and a lot of the old editions’ films can be watched in full version at

The Free Earth Cinema & Tripoteca curator is visual artist Adistu


For any enquiries concerning your workshop and lecture please contact:

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