camp sites

Free Earth Festival has renovated all the Camping Areas offering a variety of camps: Shaded Campsites, Land Campsites, “Camp by your car” site, Caravans Beach Campsite and our newest addition is the organized Campsite “Earth Village”!

PLEASE NOTE: Our Campsites will be open from the 21th of August 2019 / 10:00a.m until the 28th of August 2019/ 14:00p.m. Please don’t come earlier! You have a whole week to enjoy the nature surroundings of the festival!

camping areas:

☉ Shaded Campsites ☉
Enjoy your camping in our 2 brand new shaded Camping Areas. The first and biggest Camping Area, has a capacity of 2500 people and is located close to the Entrance Gates. The second Camping Area, has a capacity of 1000 people and is located in the Area behind the Festival Hotel. Both campsites are fully shaded, under the charm of olive trees forest and have their own Parking, WC & Showers!


☉ Land Campsites ☉
For the night-sleepers, we offer Land Campsites next to the shaded ones, on grass planes, under the open sky & stars! These Campsites also have their own Parking, WC & Showers nearby!


☉ “Camp by your car” site ☉
Especially for those who are fancy Camping next to their cars. Next to the Festival Hotel, we have created an area just for you! Parking, WC & Showers will be available nearby!


☉ Caravans Beach Campsite ☉

Our famous Caravan Camp Area, is located behind the second beach of our Venue. Caravan parking space for 2019, will be free of charge!


☉ “Earth Village” site ☉

Our newest addition is an organized Campsite with proper facilities and 24/7 security, will be located behind the Festıval Hotel, offering large Tents suitable for 2 or 3 people. The number of Tents will be very limited, as we want to provide you with the best possible service. The Earth Village Tents will include matress, pillows, bedding and electricity. On the Area of “Earth Village” will be installed Private WC & Showers! Bring only your clothes and good vibes, we take care of the rest!

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