❖ Deco & Visuals ❖


Free Earth Festival always cooperate with International and National Teams for Decoration, Visual Mapping & Lights!

This year expect something out of this world, in all 3 stages!

All our visual artists & designers work already to present you an exclusive and mind-blowing result that will mark you forever!

We will not say much… for now… just… THE NEXT LEVEL!


TAS & B.O.T.N. @ Free Earth Festival 2018 – Enlightenment Stage



Both Artists are known for Out of this world Visual & Decoration projects, which they produce together or separately, at International Festivals like Modem, Burning Mountain, PsyFi, Flow, Sea You, Noise Poison, Summer Never Ends and others. This time, they unite again for an exclusive result for Free Earth Festival 2018 and it’s guests. Never seen before, specially designed for our Festival with next level production, following other similar European festivals!

TAS (aka The Adventurous Spark) is a graphic designer, visual artist and VJ from Austria. Dabbling in the world of digital graphic design, he channels his talent into developing visualizations that depict imaginative realms of fluid psychedelic movement and motion. TAS has become most recognized for his mind-bending visual clips on the web, as well as his work as a “Portal Agent” developing live visual accompaniments for festivals.

B.O.T.N. decorations, lights and the atmosphere they create to events, leave always the audience speechless. Unique artists from Greece, who’s way of creating visionary art and decorations, is never seen before! As a deco team, they decided to take the whole concept of decorating festivals, a step further towards complete psychedelic experience.

Deeper into the cream crop of World Artists & Visual Arts!


HYBRID UV & VJ DAYDREAMER @ Free Earth Festival 2018 – Parvati Stage

The Dynamic team is worldwide known for their amazing creations, decorations & visuals, from Hilltop Goa. Not many words needed for the team that has transformed many festivals like Sunburn Festival, Sonica, Summer Never Ends, Russian Xmas Festival, Hilltop Festival, Indigo Generation, Free Earth and many other festivals in Asia and Europe. After many years of constant cooperation with Free Earth, in the last edition, they took over Illuminaughty stage which they completely transformed with their unique decorations and visual mapping. For 2018 edition, together with the overview of Parvati Records, they prepare an “Out Of This World” project that will mark you forever!
Never seen before, specially designed Decorations & Visuals for our Festival, with next level production, following other similar European festivals!

HYBRID UV is a collective of individuals that transform festivals, events, and its setting and look to suit their individual concepts with highly inspirational artistry. Formed in the UK, based in India, they have successfully taken on unrivaled projects that reimage, prepare, and liven up surroundings and spaces with advanced décor, cutting-edge technology, interactive video mapping, along-side breath-taking light installations and futuristic stage designs.

Amaury aka VJ DAYDREAMER is a multi Visual psychedelic artist: Lightworker (Healing art posters design) in quest of sharing spiritual information, Trance visual designer (cd cover & flyers) & VJ Live Trance, Psychedelic Visual Clips. French living in Goa. He performed Live Visuals Night Shows in the biggest venues of Goa & for the main Events of 2011-2016. He participates in the design & creation 3D mapping stages and he also creates custom Contents for Festivals and Events Stages in India and Europe. After countless Vj Live Shows mixing tons of Videos, Amaury develops his own particular Psychedelic Visuals style. His sets are in constant evolution. Welcome to Daydreamer’s Visions.



B.O.T.N., APISPHERE & Various Artists @ Free Earth Festival 2018 – Oxygen Stage

Oxygen Stage – Another new project in this year’s edition! A Huge shaded area by the beach, with amazing decorations, music, workshops, lectures, therapies and offering all kinds of drinks, coffees, and beverages! Various Deco Artists will support & create a relaxed area to unwind from dance floor pressure or just chill, learn and Njoy! APISPHERE from France, unique artist, scenography from recycled materials! BOTN from Greece, creating visionary art, known for never seen before projects!

Deeper into the cream crop of World Artists & Visual Arts!



PROJECTION TEKNIK @ Free Earth Festival 2018 – Free Art Area

First time in Greece, all the way from Australia! The PROJECTION TEKNIK, Projection Illusionists, Video Art. More than two decades, they have been an integral part of large-scale crowd-pleasing projections, creating aesthetically beautiful pieces that transform a viewer’s perception of their surroundings! Prepare for a very special experience! They have participated in many Australian festivals like Gertrude Projection Festival, Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Melbourne Intentional Arts Festival, Pitch Music & Arts Festival and others. Mind-blowing Scenic Ground Projections, completely 3D, that will leave you speechless!


SPankartZ & Nhanderu Artes @ Free Earth Festival 2018 – Free Art Area

Unique and specially designed sculptures & installations, from two amazing artists from Brasil. With great experience in ground art installations with bio-architecture! Presenting their projects regularly for Pulsar Festival, Universo Parallelo, Boom, Fusion, and others! Prepared to be amazed! Deeper into the cream crop of World Artists & Visual Arts!



Free Earth Festival 2018 ~ Halkidiki ~ Greece

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