Free Earth Festival is a unique initiative for the sustained preservation and development of Halkidiki – Sithonia, situated in a pristine natural habitat, surrounded by a special ecosystem that deserves our utmost respect and attention. “Coexistence in unity with nature and other living forms is a conscious bequest for an even more mystical journey into music & culture”.

Free Earth Festival always developing a dedicated “Eco Team” comprised of our Site & Waste Managers and Volunteers, in order to secure that the festival will leave no trace / negative impact to the natural environment. We preserve our venue and the planet!

We are committed, through our Eco Plan, to reduce our environmental impact and improve our environmental standards. As a result, we will pursue a minimum ecological footprint plan, including policies as Zero Waste, Water policy, Volunteerism, Support of Local Community, Environmental Education and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Zero Waste Policy

Strict waste management policy for market areas, camping areas and dancefloors. Strictly  no glass on site. We will regulate the inflow of glass onto the site including random searches upon entry and Impounding glass containers and/or large quantities of alcohol if found. Traders are encouraged to reduce waste as much as possible and join in our Recycling Initiative. Our Organic Food Initiative encourages traders to use local suppliers for all consumables and local Organic Food suppliers will be on site to supply goods directly to traders and attendees.

Showers Policy

Water is important and valuable for life, so it must be consumed wisely! Only biological / biodegradable soaps and shampoos will be allowed, as the water from the showers returns to the natural ecosystem. Local bio products will be available on-site to purchase. Please respect water flow: Last year we noticed some unconscious use while we had a water shortage!

Volunteerism – Eco Team

Our Volunteer waste collector team “Eco Team”, is forming with daily shifts, every volunteer will get his/her festival ticket refund & a meal per day. You MUST have a festival ticket to be accepted as volunteer.

Support of Local Community

We favor local producers, suppliers, workers and we boost local economy as well as the image of North Greece / Macedonia / Halkidiki / Sithonia area as a tourist destination.

Environmental Education

Local environmental NGOs will provide presentations on local biodiversity and open forum discussions onsite.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Free Earth Festival pursues the implementation of environmental impact assessments, prior and after the realization of the festival, in order to evaluate its ecological footprint and benchmark its environmental performance!

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