What is Free Earth Festival?

free earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated psychedelic freedom fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor party scene. A family gathering, with 3 music stages

Where is Free Earth Festival?

free earth since 2018 it is held in the amazing secluded beaches of Azapiko, Sithonia, Halkidiki! On the North side of Greece.

How I reach Free Earth Festival?

From Thessaloniki: Free Earth Festival is located in Sithonia, Halkidiki, and it’s 120km Southeast of Thessaloniki. The nearest Airport is Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia (SKG). There are festival buses to and from our festival. You can check the schedules and book your ticket here (re-directs to Hadra Website). Also at that link, you can find to book-on-demand mini buses (up to 8 persons) from the airport to the festival and vice versa. If these options don’t fit for you, there are also the national bus lines, ‘KTEL Halkidiki’. You head for “Azapiko” in Sithonia. It’s in-between “Porto Koufo” & “Sarti” locations. See more at their official website, KTEL Halkidiki.
From Athens: In the above link you can find festival buses from Athens to the Festival and vice versa (Limited seats!). Please note: There is no direct national connection from Athens to Halkidiki area. The only current option for that is to use our festival’s buses. If that’s not the case, you need to reach Thessaloniki by train (OSE) or bus (KTEL) and follow the above directions.
Google Hints: If you want to find buses from Thessaloniki to the venue search for “KTEL Halkidikis”. If you want to find buses from Athens to Thessaloniki search for “KTEL Thessalonikis”. If you want to find train from Athens to Thessaloniki search for “TrainOSE”.

Coming by car: Add to your GPS “Free Earth Festival, Sithonia” and it will take you right at the venue. If mobile data is an issue, you can save the map before you start and use it offline. Google Maps App > More > Offline Maps. Nevertheless, we feature big car parking with 24h Security so you don’t need to worry about your vehicle.

How many days is the festival?

The festival runs from the 22th of August until the 26th. Adding to that, there is our welcome party at the 21st and our after-party, at least for 24h, and starts just when the main stage closes down, at the 26th of August. Both of which they’ll be held at our oxygen stage. Our Campsites will be open from the 21st of August 2019 /10:00 a.m until the 28th of August 2019/14:00 p.m. and operate in a “First come First serve” basis. Please don’t come earlier!

Is this a beach festival?

Absolutely! Free Earth Festival is located in one of the most acclaimed sea sides of Greece, Halkidiki! Locals love to claim “The is no place like Halkidiki!” and they are not lying. Known for its unique emerald-like waters and the breath-taking sceneries, Halkidiki is all about secluded locations. One of which is Azapiko, the home of our Festival. Situated in a massive double beachfront measuring at almost 1km in length! Can’t get more beach festival than this! Just bring your summer equipment and you’re set! Pink Flamingo swim rings are allowed but no spearguns please 😛

Where I can buy tickets?

You can buy tickets online at our 2 official retailers, Hadra & Access All Areas. Only 4,000 tickets available in total!
If you don’t want to buy online or you originate from the Balkan countries* and/or the Crisis** countries and you are eligible for the discounted prices, you can check our ambassador list here to find your country’s ambassador and secure your ticket. Please note: Ambassadors are holding super limited quantities of tickets so act fast! For the complete ticket info see here.

*Balkan: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Turkey.
**Crisis: Greece, Cyprus, Portugal & Spain.

Can I Return/Sell/Swap My Ticket?

As it clearly states at the Terms of Sale when you bought your ticket: Presale tickets are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT RESELLABLE (unless a medical insurance as been subscribed and according to the terms of the said insurance contract). You can read more at this link of Hadra Website. With that said, you can do name swaps on the tickets at Hadra and/or your local ambassadors until the 1st of June, 2019. Head to the source you bought the ticket to do it.

Do you sell daily tickets?

no. There are only tickets for the whole duration of the festival.

What "BF" next to the ticket price means?

“BF” stands for “Booking fee” and it’s a fee you’re paying to the ticket retailer/ambassador. It is not collected by the festival in any mean.

Can I bring food & drinks into the festival?

Drinks: Alcohol & beverages are strictly prohibited from entering the festival and it will be confiscated at the door. You can get these at the bars, at affordable prices.
Food & Water: The festival provides a big variety of food, in the designated food area. With that said, you can bring food and/or water inside the festival if you want, but keep in mind the high temperatures of Greece in August. In the daytime, it can range from 28 up to 35 degrees Celsius. Don’t buy anything that can be altered due to the environmental temperature. Unfortunately, there is no drinkable water in the area. The festival is keeping a friendly price for water (0.50€ for a 0.50l bottle) at the bars.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

For sure! Our four-legged friends are always welcome at the festival’s premises! But for the dog’s well-being and everybody else’s, please keep them away from the dancefloors! The heavy decibel can stress our little friends and discomfort them. There is plenty of land at the festival’s area where they can roam, sniff, woof, and generally be a happy dog. Please don’t make their life miserable. Be responsible and always look after your family member!

I want to play at Free Earth Festival!

That’s lovely to hear. We’re always keen to promote the young guns of our tribe and we try our best in that direction. Unfortunately, for the 2019 edition we gave away all the slots we had available for upcoming artists and there is no slot to squeeze you in. The line-up is fully booked. Hopefully next year! Keep it rocking!

I want to perform at Free Earth Festival!

We love performers of all kind and as such, Free Earth Festival is always open for them! If you think you have a unique talent that will amaze us and our visitors please send your application with the details of what is that you do, at the email info@freeearth-festival.com.

I want to open a shop inside the festival.

As every year, we welcome all kinds of commercial shops! We feature a special designated “Market Area”, where all shops can display their merchandise. The Market Area is always constructed with the best traffic of visitors in mind. Below you can see the prices:
Pirate Bench (Until 1.5m): 150€ with 1 Free Entrance, No Power Supply.
Shop Stall (Until 3x3m): 350€ with 2 Free Entrances + Power Supply.
Shop stall (4x4m & over): 500€ with 2 Free Entrances + Power Supply.
If you’re interested in booking one, please head to our official facebook page and send a direct message with your request.

Can I Volunteer for the festival?

Yes! There is an open call for volunteers! Limited seats are available. Please send your application with your basic info (e.g. name, age, country, etc.) and a few words of why you are the best candicate for it, at volunteers@freeearth-festival.com.

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