free yoga area

A place to Practice, Learn, Relax and Awaken! In modern urban societies, where life’s’ tempo has become so fast, us humans, should find methods and ways to keep our spirit awaken and conscious to keep us in line with Nature, Universe and Ourselves. Free Earth Festival dedicates an area where everybody can come and freely participate by teaching or practicing Yoga.

Yoga Area covers up one part of the Greater Healing Area Project, which year after year is be getting bigger and will be expanding every year, starting from 2019.

(Free Daily Morning Sessions) Participating healers for this year are:
Marina Kalyani Pieri • Flow Yoga
Marina Salvatori • Acro Yoga
Athanasia Medenas • Shamanic Yoga
Anna Papastaikoudi • Hatha Flow yoga
Katerina Vourtsi • Yin Yoga
Efrat Yifrach • Aerial Yoga

For enquiries concerning your workshop, please contact:

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