across all stages

☉ Baddra (Turkey)

Baddra is an internatıonal Turkish flow artist, fire dancer and stage performer. She has performed as a member of Dragone Entairtainment Group, under the famous “Land of Legends” show of famous Franco Dragone; director/founder of Cirque Du Soleil.

☉ Shao (Poland)

Shao – Michał Szałucho – in 2007 he formed a group of firedancers – ‘Sombra’ in which he is still a member. Both with the group and individually he was awarded several prizes in various competitions. At the end of 2009 Shao became interested in a little known art of buugeng. The experience gained throughout the years of practice and a creative mind helped him to master the techniques of buugeng and to develop an individual style.

☉ the magic ball man (UK)

After years of juggling three, four, five balls and clubs and falling off uni cycles I discovered contact juggling and was hooked. I’ve been performing on the streets of York and around Europe for the past two years and love it when what I think is the closest thing to real magic you’ll see stops the street and brings looks of amazement and wonder from both young and old.

☉ Lea Naga Devi (morocco)

Lea Naga Devi is an international performer of a worldwide weight. She travels the planet performing at big stage festivals and collaborating with artists like Desert Dwellers, Kaya projekt , Ott, Symbolico, Globular, and more.

☉ jayjay (italy)

JayJay was born as a juggler, specialized in the manipulation of objects. In the meantime he studies the art of the clown, to understand the mechanisms of laughter and to search for the truth on the stage. This research took shape in a stunning, unique style of wonder and laughter.

☉ nicola colleoni (italy)

Nicola Colleoni, Contact Staff’s Performer from Italy. Mixing dance, acrobatic and capoeira, into Contact movements. Always working on a totally personal character of his Performaces, in between Fire and Love!

☉ Agni Fire Dance (North Macedonia)

This is a group of people who found their passion in dancing with the flow of fire ,mostly supported by all kinds of music vibes to heat up the atmosphere.

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