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We organize it safely and in order to keep the quality of the event high and the ticket prices as low as possible and always according to the production size!


Even, though, last year we expected 2000 people but 3000 came and taking into consideration the concept and goals of our festival, we decided this edition NOT to grow in quantity but quality! We will release strictly & only 3000 tickets worldwide and we will produce a festival to remember!

Due to very high demand, tickets at the door are not guaranteed! When 3000 tickets sold out in Pre-sale, there will be no tickets available at the Gates and we will inform you well in advance! Get your pre-sale tickets, as soon as you can, to avoid disappointment and to benefit from very low ticket prices!


The phase listed are all part of the presale, as one phase sells out, we move to the next.

Early-bird tickets (phase 1 & 2) will be available only online from www.hadra.net

Presale tickets (phase 3 to 6) will be available online at www.hadra.net, akida.net, accessallareas.org and from your local ambassadors.


We send our deepest gratitude and love to the friends and supporters of Free Earth Festival, who every year help to sell out all presales and support like this the festival organization, sustainability, and growth!


PLEASE NOTE, all ambassadors have the right to add a certain booking fee on top of the ticket price (usually 5 euro over).


Phase 1 / September: 70 € + booking fee (200 tickets)- SOLD OUT!


Phase 2 / October – December : 80 € + b/f (400 tickets)- SOLD OUT!


Phase 3 / January – February: 90 € + b/f  (300 tickets)- SOLD OUT!


Phase 4 / March – April: 100 € + b/f  (300 tickets) – SOLD OUT!


Phase 5 / May – June : 110 € + b/f  (300 tickets) – SOLD OUT!


Phase 6 / July – 20 August : 120 € + b/f  (400 tickets) – SELLING FAST!


Gates: 140 €  (If Available)


Special Gates: 130 €  (If Available)
For Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Brasil, India, Mexico & all Balkan countries.


Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Skopje, and Turkey. 

We offer our special discount for 80€ + bf, limited to 250 tickets for all discounted countries but available in ALL pre-sale phases until August 2018 or until their sold out!


SPECIAL DISCOUNTED TICKETS for countries with their economy under crisis: 
Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain
We offer our special discount for 100€ + bf, limited to 150 tickets for all discounted countries until 17 of August, or until sold out!
NOTE: All discounted tickets are available only in advance from your local Ambassadors, online at Akida Promo and not available at the Gates!


International Online Tickets Available from:
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Greece Online Tickets Available from:
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