This year Free Earth offers 2 ways of transportation from and to the Festival, in association with specialized and experienced companies. Landing Airport is Thessaloniki’s, Greece!


Our usual Bus service operating from and to Athens and Thessaloniki city centers & airports, in specıfıc times. Service is charged per Person and per way. We offer one way tickets so you can do any combo you like from our existing routes.


More private, targeted and independent. if your arrival and departure times don’t fit with any given bus schedules, or if you just wish to travel only with your friends, we have a solution for you and tail-ordered to your needs! Our Vans are available any time you need to and from Thessaloniki airport. Contact us wıth your arrival and departure details and we fıx you a private rıde. Service is charged per Van and per way.

Please Note: In case you have hotels booked, we offer, in association with a specialized and experienced company, Van Transportation from any near by hotel to Festıval and vice versa. Service is on call and with very low prices per person, so you don’t need even to rent a car or to have a car to book ours or any of the near by hotels. You can safely book this service at our Info Spot on-site.

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