Free Earth Festival offers the best setting for a truly transformational experience, in an amazing Beach Venue with Crystal Clear Sea! Azapiko Beach is a dominating beach in Sithonia’s Wild West. Is preferred by travelers who enjoy nature and tranquility and Its distinguished hill, separates’ the beach into 2 parts. Expect turquoise waters with white and gold sand! This area is located between Neos Marmaras & Toroni.

We are very happy to welcome you at this unique venue where mountains & the crystal clear waters and beach, blend together in a symphony of green and blue! This relatively unknown beach area is secluded, amazingly beautiful and a perfect place to host a Festival. A huge Beach Venue, lush, great, wıde, comfortable and with two amazing beaches!

Landing Airport is Thessaloniki’s, Greece and Festival Bus will be available from the airport to the Festival Venue!

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