Free Earth Festival started as a collaboration of international like-minded and dedicated psychedelic freedom fighters determined to bring back the good vibes & consciousness to the greek and international outdoor festival scene.

The idea was there for years but the festival’s concept in its final form was concluded in 2012 when the decision was taken to launch a Greek Open Air Festival, which the Greek and International audience would trust and support again. After many unsuccessful efforts by many other Greek “Organisers” the decision was made and Free Earth Festival was successfully launched in 2013!

Visionaries, Artists, Musicians, Event Coordinators, Managers, Designers, Promoters, Technicians,Craftsmen,Volunteers all part of an integrated team, introducing a sustainable paradigm in Greece for the first time

Organisers and crews from different festivals, a perfect blend of international and Greek crews, with creativity, happiness and respect, creating and enriching our own personal and collective journey (towards a free earth! )

The first two editions where held at Ancient Olympia, Peloponese,South Greece! The epic land of Hercules and birthplace of the Olympic Games!

A place filled with very strong energy with our naturally shaded venue washed by the beautiful Pinios river.

Based on our cultural and community ethics Free Earth started small to grow in the right way and with the right crowd targeting mainly the Greek audience with 1000 people in 2013.

Next year followed up with a total attendance of 1500 people of which 500 were international guests.

On those first 2 editions our site lay out included only a main stage and a friendly chill out but both with adequate crystal clear sound and beautiful deco and of course an impressive and diverse line up, all part of our new at the time but constantly evolving festival concept.

Three years and two editions later, in 2015 we decided to take a break but only to organise and devote more time on targeted efforts like to create a different time planning (bi-annual Festival),reform the production team (which we obviously enhance and update every year since then) and finally to upgrade and give themes to our music stages and develop further the concept of Free Earth Festival, aiming to open it up to an International audience by creating a real eco-sustainable and unique experience.

That’s how we decided to move the Festival to North Greece - Halkidiki and to organise the 1st and only European Beach Festival!

In 2016 our first Halkidiki venue was located at Kypsa Beach - Kassandra and about 3000 people attended the Festival, with a percentage of International and Greek attendance changing  to 35% and 65% respectively!
That year we offered three different music stages for the first time and the addition of official pre and after parties plus much more!

Same year we established our now long and ideal cooperation with the Danish Leading Label - Parvati Records by hosting their own Parvati Stage at Free Earth Festival since then with great success.The International attendance level, the beach, the pre and after parties and the Parvati stage additions changed completely the form and feel of our Festival.

But In our constant pursue of upgrading to an even better and more comfortable festival site we realised the need for a bigger and more picturesque beach to host our next event. So we took another break in 2017 researching and planning for the next year, when we finally moved to our now permanent site at Azapiko beach - Sithonia Xalkidiki

Our 2018 edition was mind blowing creating a new milestone in the Greek open air festival scene with the addition of the art galley, children's area and many more upgrades not to mention of course the 3500 brothers and sisters from 80 different countries!

Because of all of the above that year we decided to make Free Earth again, an annual festival.

Two years was too long to wait for something so special....
Our amazing beach Venue with turquoise waters, white and gold sand and your warmth and support for our festival, pushed us to take this decision!

Azapiko Beach in Sithonia is a unique venue where mountains & the crystal clear waters and beach blend together in a symphony of green and blue!

This relatively unknown beach area was secluded enough, amazingly beautiful and a perfect place for many other reasons to host an annual fully sustainable open air festival.

As a result of changing sites in 2017 - 2018 combined with the quick and unexpected growth of the festival both these editions had few infrastructure issues, which we were quick to address and resolve for 2019 marking our 5th anniversary edition a truly transformational experience for Free Earth Festival!

About 4000 people from 100 different countries with 65% international and 35% greek attendance percentages created a proper multicultural gathering of the tribe with the most memorable vibe of all other greek festivals to date...

The Gates are soon to open again...We welcome you all!

The 2021 ”Sola Luna Edition" will be manifesting in a 6-day experience, celebrating 20 Years of our Organization exıstance together with the 20 Years Anniversary of Parvati Records!

Come join our tribe and let yourself go at Azapiko beach… 

And the Free Earth legend goes on…