We have made it our mission to preserve and protect our festival site in Halkidiki Greece, reduce our environmental impact and inspire our attendees to protect nature!

This is a responsibility that we take very seriously and we are committed to the preservation of natural and cultural resources by increasing sustainability initiatives.

We are proud to announce a range of environmental initiatives to make our festival even more eco-friendly this year and to create a long term plan through our Sustainability Project for a completely Green Free Earth Festival!

First time ever for a festival in Greece, Free Earth will begin to develop a longterm plan to eliminate single-use plastics at the event!

It is our deep privilege to be able to celebrate our festival in the magical Halkidiki for the past 4 years and we intent to do so, for many more years to come!
We are actually able to do this, only because every year we leave the festival grounds totally free from litter.

All this hard work is based mainly on our Eco Team and Traders, but we really want You, to be aware and get involved.

Traders are encouraged to reduce waste as much as possible and join our initiatives but we believe that with the festival growing rapidly this will only be possible with a motivated collaboration from Your side.

So, for the first time, we undertake the following initiatives, based on our environmental strategic policies and we invite you to join us on this journey towards a Sustainable Festival and Future.


We start a strong policy on single use food packaging.We ban single-use plastic cutlery from our traders / caterers and we also ban single-use plastic straws and cups at our bars. 
This year we’re focussing on cutlery, straws, cups and only allowing wooden or paper based products into our event.


As a fundamental base to eliminate single-use plastics at our event we will trial our first reusable drinks cups deposit Scheme in 2021. Use your personal reusable cups thru the duration of the Festival and help us create a plastic-free event!

We are hoping that all of the above will result in the reduction of waste.

This year the reusable cup deposit scheme concerns all drinks cups except the ones for hot drinks. A 1 € deposit will be collected for each reusable cup.You can always use the cup for another drink, help the environment and the festival.
At the end of the Festival you can return the cup to us for the deposit to be returned or you can take the Free Earth cup home as a souvenir! If you want to return your cup, you can do so at the Cup Return Point which will be located at the Earth Hub.

Keep in mind, we will not offer anymore normal one-use cups at our bars!!! It was shown that reusable cups outweigh the environmental impacts of disposable cups if reused at least 4 times and reduce Festival bar waste by 50%.


Free Earth Crew will ask you for a 5 € Garbage Deposit when you arrive at the festival gates. This means you will be given an empty garbage bag, a personal ashtray and a token upon entry.

Return a full garbage bag to the container by the Earth Hub and give back the token to get your deposit back. Remember that the Garbage Deposit is not included in the price of the ticket so in this way you can get your Deposit back as soon as the bag is full.

Personal Ashtrays will be given as part of the Garbage Deposit Scheme. Cigarette butts are toxic to the environment and take between 4 and 15 years to breakdown.
We use contract cleaners at our venue together with our volunteers but the fact is that is simply impossible for our Eco Team to pickup every single littered cigarette butt at the location.
Even worse is that many of those butts quickly end up in waterways via wind and rain and by then it's too late.
Litter in the form of cigarette butts also presents a serious fire risk. Personal ashtrays can reduce and often eliminate cigarette butt litter at festivals and events. Please use it during the Festival and elsewhere it's an eco-gift from our organisation.


The Earth Hub will be the main transfer station on site for all materials and waste of the event. The Eco Team will be there to assist everyone with their trash deposit and sort it according to the recycle type.

You can pass by and just throw your trash or sort and recycle your materials/ waste. Here you can also return your full garbage bag with the Garbage Deposit Token or your Reusable Free Earth Cup and collect your refunds!

Help us provide an equally sustainable environment for the planet to keep supplying us with shelter and all else we need to live and thrive!

It's the beginning of a beautiful initiative with the aim to evolve to a complete Eco Village in the following years. 
Free Earth will cooperate with other green organisations to increase recycling on site and implement educational and behaviour change initiatives to promote Zero Waste campsites through the use of the new Earth Hub. With the support of different NGOs,we plan to develop a program of Charities,Initiatives, Environmental Education and Environmental Impact Assessments


It has been found that travel accounts for 80% of a festival’s carbon footprint. The Festival already reduces the impact of travel by providing busses from the nearest airports to the venue.
It also provides minibuses that link festival-goers with local B&Bs and surrounding villages and towns.
As well as promoting low carbon travel such as those busses and car sharing to our festival, Free Earth Festival will be introducing it's first Volunteer Carbon Balancing Scheme.
In the following years we are planning to start donating a part of the festival tickets to the charity SANA - Save Africa's Nature who invest in renewable energy and community projects. For now if you want you could calculate your travel carbon emissions and make a personal donation to them please visit their website for


Strict waste management policy for market areas, camping areas and dance-floors.
Strictly no glass on site because of health and safety.
We will regulate the inflow of glass onto the site including random searches upon entry and Impounding glass containers and/or large quantities of alcohol if found at any time.

Please cooperate!


Our Organic Food Initiative encourages food traders to use local suppliers for all consumables and support local communities.
The Festival will invite local Organic Food suppliers to be on site supplying goods directly to traders and attendees.


Even though the area doesn't have generally a lot of available water like so many other areas in Greece where water shortages are usual throughout weekends, we still offer 24h available water at our showers so please don't waste it!

Only biological or biodegradable soaps and shampoos will be allowed as the water from the showers returns to the natural ecosystem. Local bio-products will be available on-site to purchase and controls will occur on the spot. Please cooperate!


We are creating a FB group where you can connect to fellow festival goers and arrange car sharing/car pooling options. It's always great to meet new people and help the environment.


We will make strong efforts to engage the community in joining us on this mission.
Expanding in time the onsite Eco Village to provide increased environmental education and awareness content as well as recycling and organic Initiatives. Participating in education, restoration and cleanup events in Halkidiki before and after our event. Educating traders, staff and crew on Free Earth Sustainability Project & Initiatives.

Free Earth Festival will continue to develop ideas and practices in sustainability and with increased awareness of our guests the good practices will hopefully increase the change in local communities in business and in society.
We are actively looking for organisations and individuals who can help to achieve these objectives.

Please contact us and help us preserve the planet: