Om Stage

A new stage for Free Earth Festival! Introducing a new kind of depth to the Free Earth experience! A Journey to innerself! A new upgrade for next editions. After the great success of last years Healing and Awareness Areas, we transform those to a proper stage, the OM STAGE!

We care for the tribe. Every year one of our callings is to meet each other and to celebrate exactly that, with dance, art, music, ecology and love! We should help each other grow and bloom in this planet. Together we create a new era, a new way of life. The free earth vision, needs the tribe connected, strong, healthy, with open heart and full awareness.

We introduce the OM stage for this reasons and with an extended program is ready to take a very special place in the heart of our Festival. Expected to grow every year and set under the shade of a huge stretch tent, next to golden sand and the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea. OM Stage will present a variety of workshops, seminars, lectures, ceremonies and sacred psychedelic sounds in front of the sea!

Also at OM stage, for the second time at Free Earth, Tripoteca - the only International Psychedelic Film & Art Festival - will bend your mind and grow your soul with a dish of the world's finest and most diverse psychedelic short films & music videos.

Join the Free Earth Cinema by the beach!

An intimate opportunity to practice and play with a range of esoteric activities.

A magical five day retreat, hosted proudly by Eutopia Project & Kostas Georgiou
The Free Earth - Tripoteca Cinema & Tripoteca is hosted by visual artist Adistu

This is the time for the great personal and Collective ritual, to create a pulse of blissful psychedelic trance energy,the seed that sprouted the Dream of a Free Eart.

Om Stage

Join us, in this profound psychedelic journey!

Confirmed healers so far:


  • Konstantinos Georgiou - Gong Soul Bath
  • Nik Tourbis - Djempe Rhythms
  • Anaïs Papastaikoudi - Hatha Yoga
  • Prem Khalid - Dervish meditation
  • Jonathan Huliaros - Callisthenic
  • Chariton Papakonstantinou -Om chanting
  • Stephan Rousseau - Ikaros healing songs & Amazonian medicine
  • Emmanuel Mallaroni - Peruvian medicine
  • Miranda Korovila - Drama game's
  • Myrto Peridou - Chakra Yoga
  • Christina Outopoulou - Laughing Yoga
  • George Grammenos - Yang Yoga
  • Basma Kamal - Heart dance Yoga flow


  • Sheila Darmos - Permaculture & Food forests
  • Stephan Rousseau - Psychedelics substance's & plant healing
  • Mike Akida - Codex Alimentarious
  • Panos Chaloftis - The Vegan lifestyle

For any enquiries concerning your workshop and lecture please contact: