Important advice for pet owners!

Please if you love them - don’t bring them to Free Earth!

Keep pets safe by leaving them at home with family and/or friends.
If you can’t find family or friends to take care of your pet you can check your animal into a doggy Hotel. It’s got to be the most sensible and responsible thing to do!

There have been problems with lost or upset dogs in the past so be aware that the sun causes dehydration and noise and density of crowds can increase the stress and health problems of our beloved pets.

Please be a responsible dog owner you should best leave your dog home but if you do bring it to the festival please have your dog always on a leash, always away from stages and of course please take good care of and clean after him/her.

Dogs are allowed at Free Earth Festival but will NOT be permitted at the music stages.


DON'T TAKE THE RISK: If you bring your dog to Free Earth and get caught without lease or dog unattended or in fight, don’t take it personally when we escort you out of the festival.