Zero Waste - "Leave no Trace" - "Plastic-free" Policy

First time ever for a festival in Greece, Free Earth will begin to develop a long-term plan to eliminate single-use plastics at the event! At the same time we will implement strict waste management policy for market areas, camping areas and dance-floors.
Strictly no glass on site.We will regulate the inflow of glass onto the site including random searches upon entry and Impounding glass containers and/or large quantities of alcohol if found.

Traders are encouraged to reduce waste as much as possible and join our Recycling Initiative.

Our Organic Food Initiative encourages traders to use local suppliers for all consumables and local Organic Food suppliers will be on site to supply goods directly to traders and attendees.

From the other hand attendees will engage with our new Cup & Garbage Deposits Schemes operating at the bars and our Eco Hub.

The deposit return system and garbage scheme will ensure that cups, plastics and trash will be returned to a central place for reuse, recycling or collection. Deposit return schemes have been shown to improve recycling rates and Festivals are a fantastic place to start movements like this. Please Help us keep our Festival clean and free of plastic and trash.

Water - Showers Policy

Water is important and valuable for life so it must be consumed wisely! Even though the area doesn't have drinkable or generally available water like so many other areas in Greece, we still offer 24h water available at our showers, so please don't waste it!
Only biological / biodegradable soaps and shampoos will be allowed as the water from the showers returns to the natural ecosystem. Local bio products will be available on-site to purchase.
Please respect water flow as last year we noticed some unconscious use!

Volunteerism - Eco Team

Our Volunteer waste collector and awareness team "Eco Team" is taking form with daily shifts while every volunteer will get his/her festival ticket refund & a meal per day.

You MUST have a festival ticket to be accepted as volunteer.
For more info check our volunteers page:https://www.freeearth-festival.com/volunterrism

Carbon Emissions - Travel

It has been found that travel accounts for 80% of a festival’s carbon footprint. As well as promoting low carbon travel such as airport busses, local mini busses and car sharing / car pooling to our festival, Free Earth Festival will be introducing it's first Volunteer Carbon Balancing Scheme.

From following years we are planning to begin donating a part of the festival’s ticket income to the charity SANA - Save Africa's Nature, who invest in renewable energy and community projects. For now, you can calculate your travel carbon emissions and make a personal donation to them, visit their website for more: www.karibusana.com

Support of Local Community

We favour local producers, suppliers, workers and we boost local economy as well as the image of North Greece / Macedonia / Halkidiki / Sithonia area as a tourist destination.

Environmental Education

In association with green organisations and environmental NGO’s,we want to take a beautiful initiative with the aim of evolving into a complete Eco Village inside the festival premises.
An education hub that will be able to provide presentations on local biodiversity, open forum discussions to increase recycling onsite and implement educational and behaviour change initiatives to promote Zero Waste campsites.
And at the same time to plan the development of a complete Sustainable Project of Charities, Initiatives, Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Education, towards a Green Free Earth Festival!

Environmental Impact Assessments

Free Earth Festival pursues the implementation of environmental impact assessments, prior and after the realisation of the festival in order to evaluate its ecological footprint and benchmark its environmental performance!