Location: 40km from the venue

Kavourotrypes known also as Portokali (Orange beach) is located between Armenistis and Platanisi beaches in Sithonia.

Undoubtedly it’s a real paradise on earth.
It’s a golden sandy beach with crystal clear, emerald coloured shallow waters and has a great view to Mt. Athos surrounded by pine trees and white rocks.

It is partly organised and not easily accessible unless you have a car.


Location: 38km from the venue

Lagonisi beach is a little gem in Sithonia with calm waters for swimming and a great view.

The island Diaporos about a kilometre off shore protects this wonderful beach from winds and waves.

There are a few small family run apartment complexes here.

Lagonisi used to be a quieter beach but a beach bar was built and now in the high season and weekends there can be crowds.



Location: 45km from the venue

Armenistis beach has been coined as one of Greece greatest camping beaches.

With a kilometre of pure sand and shallow water this beach has definitely earned its fame and also is a Blue Flag beach.

The size of Armenistis assures that you will always find space for your towel and never feel crowded.


Location: 21km from the venue

Kriaritsi beach is a long bay that is actually 2 beaches divided by a crag.

The southern smaller section of beach is frequented by nudists who set up camp over the summer.

The northern larger part is also very much a campers beach but the more clothes friendly type.

Facing the open sea the water is amazingly clear, a delight for swimmers and is rated among Sithonias top 10!


Please note!

This is just a very small selection of locations Halkidiki has to offer!

Please take your time to make your own research and discover the dozens of gems this area is hiding.

The locals are some of the best people you can meet as they are super hospitable the Greek cuisine is nothing less than amazing and it's absolutely sure wherever you choose to explore you'll have some fun times!

Halkidiki it's that once-in-your-lifetime experience!

Make it count!