The Sustainability Project
Free Earth Festival is a unique initiative for the sustained preservation and development of Halkidiki Sithonia.The Venue is located in a pristine natural habitat and surrounded by a specialecosystem that deserves our utmost respect and attention.

Coexistence in unity with nature and other living forms is a conscious be quest for an even more mystical journey into music & culture.

Free Earth Festival is always developing and expanding the dedicated "Eco Team" comprised of our Site & Waste Managers, Crew & Volunteers, in order to secure that the festival will leave no trace / negative impact to the natural environment.

Starting this year we are looking forward to create a Green Festival, with less trash, no plastic, more respect in nature and a more balanced symbiosis.

Our mission is to preserve our home on Halkidiki Greece, minimise our environmental impact and inspire our attendees to protect Earth.

Many new initiatives will be in practice, with much more efficiency towards that goal and with new strategic policies for the establishment of our Sustainability Project.

Committed throughout to this Project, we will keep reducing our environmental impact and improve our environmental standards in the pursue of a minimum ecological footprint.

Strategic policies will include:

  • Zero Waste - "Leave no Trace" - Policy
  • Plastic-Free Policy
  • Water Policy
  • Carbon Emissions - Travel Policy
  • Volunteerism
  • Support of Local Communities
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Impact Assessments