Thanks for supporting Free Earth Festival, 
You are most welcome to volunteer with our Eco or Set Up Teams.

Free Earth Festival is a unique initiative for the sustained preservation and development of Halkidiki Sithonia.
The Venue is situated in a pristine natural habitat and surrounded by a special ecosystem that deserves our utmost respect and attention.
Coexistence in unity with nature and other living forms is a conscious be quest for an even more mystical journey into music & culture.

Free Earth Festival has develop a dedicated "Eco Team" comprising of our Site and Waste Managers and Volunteers in order to secure that the festival will leave no trace / negative impact to the natural environment.
Assignments are Garbage Collection, Eco Awareness, etc. are also welcome.
Volunteers for our "Set Up Team".
People that would like to help us build maintain and break down our Festival.
Assignments are building of stages, parking control, traffic control, and wristbands/gates.

Our Volunteer waste collectors "Eco Team", is forming and for 7 days (starting 23 Aug, 6 hours each shift), every volunteer will get his festival ticket refund & a meal per day of work.

Our Volunteer crew "Set Up Team", is forming and for 14 days (set up 16 - 23 August, break down 29 - 31 Aug, and for 12 hours each shift), every volunteer will get his festival ticket refund, 2 meals per day of work, WC-showers.

You must have a festival ticket to be accepted as a volunteer.

Help us present a unique festival, and preserve our venue and the planet!

After you read all this and since you agree you can BE part of it!

Buy your pre-sale ticket, contact us back so u can be registered as Volunteer (otherwise u will not be accepted) and when you arrive at the festival, ask at the gates for the Volunteers manager.

Please Note, if u miss shifts and u don't replace it with your manager, you miss your refund, your privileges and your out of the team!

Send us a copy of your ticket, passport/ID, current picture, biography, past experience, address and mobile number. You can register as a Volunteer here info@freeearth-festival.com.

Applications are open and chosen volunteers will be informed by email. If you have any questions feel free to ask!