The name printed on the ticket must correspond to the name on the passport / ID presented upon entry to the festival and the name in our system.

We do not recommend the sale &/or purchase of tickets through websites like Facebook or eBay or other online auction sites. Free Earth Festival cannot be held responsible for tickets that are purchased from unauthorised sellers

Please be very aware of possible forgeries, particularly if the event is sold out. We cannot stress this enough – only purchase tickets from authorised outlets. If you arrive at the gate with a fake ticket – it will not pass the scanner so you will not be allowed entry and there will be no negotiations or exceptions made.

If someone is attempting to sell you a printed ticket, even if it has your name on it, this should be treated as extremely suspicious.
If you do not feel 100% secure in the ticket, do not buy it, it is not worth the stress of losing all of your money. You are taking a risk when purchasing from places like Facebook, eBay or other auction sites. We have repeatedly warned people of the dangers of these sites and we state again that Free Earth Festival cannot be held responsible for tickets that are purchased from unauthorised sellers.

Please report any suspicious ticket sellers/incidents to